IPRHFF | The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival | Volunteers
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The IPRHFF will feature films on the subject of Puerto Rico, its people, including those in the Diaspora, or that have a Puerto Rican in a production role.  Screenings will take place at various locations in NYC.  The Festival dates are November 8-12, 2017.


The IPRHFF is pleased to offer interested film students and supporters Volunteer Opportunities to:


1. Screen and help to select films for our next festival

2. Help with marketing and promoting our festival

3. Assist in staffing the festival and our events throughout the year


Mature & responsible


Sincere desire to work hard on this exciting project


Genuine passion for the film industry and/or theater industry


General knowledge of administrative work


The Volunteer Timeline for the IPRHFF

  1. Learn More: Decide on the type and level of commitment you’d like to make. Please review the following to decide how you can help the IPRHFF

    – Volunteer Opportunities

    – Volunteer Benefits

  2. Apply: Please fill out the IPRHFF Volunteer Application.

  3. Interview: When we review your application, we’ll email you to set up a call and discuss the specific opportunities available based on your experience.

  4. Receive a Specific Assignment: When a volunteer’s interests and the Festival’s needs fit, volunteers are offered a volunteer assignment. All details are discussed on the phone and confirmed via email.

  5. Learn: Once assigned, volunteers will have a pre-meeting with a supervisor to discuss details.

  6. Check-In: All volunteers come to check-in just before volunteering to get their IPRHFF credentials, uniforms, etc.

  7. Volunteers enjoy working their assigned jobs in-between attending events, seeing films, and enjoying the after-party events.